Heather Harlow Luxury Escort


"Felt like she was a legitimate girlfriend!" - Mike P.
She is gorgeous for her age and she is well kept. A very sophisticated and classy lady. She is of mixed Latina and Irish. She is very fun to talk to. Felt like she was a legitimate girlfriend. 

"Classy, sweet, sexy and dressed to the nines..." Noel N.
This lady is very classy, sweet, kind and attractive!!! It is definitely her in the pictures. She's a very classy sexy lady and was dressed to the nines!!! Her style is amazing. Her body is all natural, no hair extensions , very nice real boobs with beautiful skin. She is a beautiful lady that eludes class. 

"Beautiful and elegant. A treat for the senses!"Alex J.
She showed up at my hotel dressed to not draw attention to herself, which was great. She is beautiful and clearly loves meeting nice men. I wouldn't hesitate to refer her. She is a beauty in a very classy MILF kind of way. Delicate and beautiful. She is a really friendly, intelligent woman who, like me, likes to make a connection.